Balloon in a Box 


We can make our balloon cups to match ANY theme!

Double Duty Decor

Money saving idea #1

Say no to boring loot bags and YES to balloon cups

Our Balloon cups can be sold filled (candy or candiless) or sold empty so you can fill them yourself.

Place them on tables (food table, gift table, and as table centerpieces) so your party is decorated and then when time is up let the birthday child pass them out to their guests.  Now you also have way less to clean up!  You're welcome :)

Double Duty Decor

Money Saving Idea #2

A kid sized entry tunnel can easily be transformed into and awesome photo backkdrop simply by putting it flat against a wall.  The kids get he awesome experience of entering the party through a balloon tunnel and then they can have their photo taken with the birthday child infront of an amazing wall of balloons!

This "warp pipe" doubled as a balloon wall

This wall was the "Warp Pipe" entrance . Awesome photos of amazing memories