Professional balloons


Need some inspiration?

Although we have regular package pricing and a la carte pricing for alot of items, we often do custom work.  Organic demi arches, sculptures, canopies and mosaics are all the rage right now.   Let us know how we can help make your event more memorable and special  today.

Unicorn Dreams

We love everything about this set up.  What you see here is an organic style demi arch, a small size balloon cupcake, a unicorn centerpiece with balloons inside the top balloon, a balloon rainbow and a unicorn head mosaic.  If you would like prices on these particular styles of balloon art please Contact Us directly as these are custom pieces.

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Terrific Tails

This lovely set up contains a mermaid on top of a column with super star base, a table top tail, some floating fish with air bubbles, a mermaid candy cup, a mosaic number 5 and an extreme mermaid tail column.  If you would like prices on any or all of what is shown in this photo please contact us as these are all custom pieces.

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Easter Basket Fun

This set up includes cutie dolls, topiary columns, stuffed bunnies, and a jumbo Easter basket photo area.  If you need prices on any of the balloon art shown here please contact us as these are all custom pieces.

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Cherished Canopy

Canopies are great on dance floors, over a cake table, as an amazing gift opening station or even a gorgeous photo op.  In this particular set up  it is shown over a table with a fun twirly centerpiece, medium sized cupcake sculpture and unicorn mosaic.  Contact us for pricing on these custom pieces

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Video Fun

Balloon dress

Laura struts her stuff on the cat walk for practice before the show.

Super Mario Party set up

Walk through with me before the guests arrive.  Maybe you will get inspired by an idea that you can do at your own event!!