Balloon in a Box 



We have clowns, balloon twisters, facepainters, crafting artists,  glitter tattoo artists, and story tellers!   Scroll the page to learn more or CONTACT US NOW to book


This loveable clown loves to make balloon animals, sing songs, and play balloon games. Kids love her <3

Nicole the Gnome

This cute gnome loves to play pranks, play games and specializes in jewelry making.

Spunky Brewster

A fun little trickster but she isn't very smart. Her tricks only work with the help of children.


Our clowns are silly and happy.  Please do not contact us if you are looking for scary or evil clowns.  We love to bring happiness and joy to all we meet.  

Birthday child receives an extra special premade gift, presented in front of all their friends.

Not just for kids

We love making balloons to match your party theme

Looking for something different? Let us do a balloon workshop and teach the kids how to make their own balloons!!


We will come to your party and make balloon creations for the children.  We can work with any theme your like, provide a menu of options or even teach the kids how to make their own balloon animals!  People love to watch us work and are often surprised by the creations we can come up with.

Face Painting

We work with many local painters to meet your event needs.  Save money with a Twist and Paint combo!!


Kids and adults alike love glitter tattoos!  They are sparkly, colorful and fun.  They are not going to wash off or run if they get wet so they are perfect for summertime events.  They are long lasting 3-5 days, but can be easily removed if needed.  We have so many tattoos for people to choose from.  

Prefer to save money on an artist and do them yourself?  That's why we also have kits in various sizes available for sale.  Whether you are looking to just do your kids birthday or looking to start a business of your own we can help!